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Latest News From MK Box

Home Storage Ideas #5 Recessed Storage

8th September 2017

If you have a hollow partiton wall in your bathroom, you may be able to fit a small recessed storage unit in otherwise unusable space. You can buy these ready to fit.

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Home Storage Ideas #4 Toothbrush Holder

3rd August 2017

This is quite a neat idea to keep toothbrushes tidy, and out of the way of germs. As you can imagine, it’s pretty simple to do with a few basic tools and will cost you nothing.

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Home Storage Ideas #3 Wine Box

13th July 2017

This idea will require you to start by going out and buying a case of 12 bottles of wine! It wasn’t too difficult for me, I must say.

Firstly, begin by drinking the wine.

Secondly, get over the horrendous hangover

Finally, place shoes and slippers in the box as shown, and place the box out of site in a wardrobe.

Voila! Simple storage for your shoes

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Home Storage Ideas #1 Tension Rods

11 May 2017

We've been featuring some handy space aving ideas on Facebook and Twitter for some time now. We're going to reproduce a few of them here to help you make the most of the space around your home

You can buy tension rods for a couple of pounds at Argos and lots of other places. You can use them vertically or horizontally and they are great for cupboard organisation.

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Discovered on Storage Wars

26 Sept 2016

Storage wars is a US TV program where people bid for the contents of Storage units for which rental is unpaid. Bidders are only allowed to take a quick peek inside the unit before buying. Needless to say, on occasion, there are some pretty remarkable finds which become the legal property of the bidder. Many of these finds are bizarre and they are often highly valuable. here are some of the things that have been found.

Pirate Treasure - A $1000 bid secured contents which included Spanish "pieces of eight" coins from the 1500s. Valuation? $500,000

Elvis Presley memorabilia - newspapers reporting his death in 1980. The papers sold for $90,000

Artwork by Frank Gutierrez which was subsequently valued at around $300,000 dollars. The units contents were purchased for $3600

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We're Featured

13 June 2016

We're pleased to announce that we are featured on the influential local business website,

The 3 Counties site features many different businesses from all over the three counties of Bucks, Beds and Northants. There is also a blog/news feature with some interesting articles available to read.

If you are a business owner, you can register free of charge

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Home Storage Ideas #4 Pull Out Ironing

4th September 2017

Here's a great way ofsaving space. You an buy these pullout ironng boards at IKEA and they can fit in a standard drawer unit in the kitchen. Just pull out, unfold, and off you go with the ironing

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Home Storage Ideas #2 Personal Boxes

4th July 2017

To prevent the family leaving odds and ends all over the house (and to avoid mislaying items) Try finding space for a set of coloured boxes, one for each family member to keep all their day-to-day bits and pieces. They can then load up pockets/bags/satchels/briefcases when they leave the house.

It’s a great way to ensure that everyone can find their personal bits and pieces and keeps the home looking tidier too.

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Phase 3 Expansion Complete

20 Nov 2016

We're delighted to announce that our latest phase of expansion is now complete, resulting in us being able to offer a further 95 units for self storage.

The units are available in a range of sizes from 16ft2, ideal for around 15 boxes and costing £10.80 per week, right up to 150ft2 which could take the contents of a 3 bedroomed house. As ever, our prices remain the lowest available locally, and we offer discounted rates for longer term rentals. Call us on 01908 319399 for further information

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Ideal for Students!

07 July 2016

Students are generally short of cash, and often their space is at a premium if they're at University. That being the case, self storage can be an ideal solution

Self storage can provide the extra space you want to keep belongings safe during term time, and even more so if you are studying abroad or on a gap year

If you are studying in the Milton Keynes, perhaps at the University of Bedford, Cranfield University, or the Universities of Buckingham or Northampton. MK Box is ideally located for you, and very student friendly.

Here at MK Box we do our best to keep prices down to an affordable level, and we offer discounts for longer term lets. If you have friends at Uni too, you coud consider sharing a storage unit in Milton Keynes and splitting the cost

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Self Storage Growth

02 June 2016

We Brits. are acquisitive types. We like our possessions an have a tendency to hoard, because, as we all know, "It will come in useful, one day".

Statistics from the US show that they are much the same as we are. In fact, about 1 in 10 of Americans has a separate self storage facility. Total space over the water equates, astonishingly, to about 7 square feet for every person in the country.

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